Three Content Marketing trends for 2018

By: Eric Warui In the last half-decade, content marketing has taken over as the go-to marketing method for marketers. Consequently, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and social media have become crucial elements in the marketing sphere in recent times. However, similar to other digital practices, content marketing is continually evolving. Trends such … Continue reading Three Content Marketing trends for 2018


Why Outsource SEO Services Rather Than Hiring In-House

Convening a team of SEO experts is taxing. It's quite arduous to find individuals truly competent at ‘reverse engineering' the search engine to allow them to understand the best strategy to embrace. In the case of in-house hiring, you need to determine the person competent enough to handle interviews and pick the first member of your SEO unit. Will they ask the right questions to evaluate candidates properly?